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How to Sign Up with an NJ Online Casino

Most of the major Atlantic City casinos, such as the Borgata and Tropicana, now also have online casinos. If you've been poking around online, you've probably seen their offers for no deposit bonuses, free spins, and matching offers for first deposits. But, before you can take advantage of these offers, you have to sign up. Registration is easy, so long as you're 21 or older and can prove it.

We're going to tell you how to register, and we'll give you the behind the scenes scoop on why online casinos ask what they do. 

Online Casino Registration Process: Step-by-Step

To register for an online casino, you'll need to follow the steps below. You may find some variation from website to website, but generally you'll provide:

  1. Your account details (first & last name and date of birth)
  2. A username/password, provide a security question and answer 
  3. Your mobile number
  4. Your address and the last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number)

Notice that you do not need to provide any financial data to register with a legal online casino.

Read below to find out why they ask for this specific information, and how casinos protect your personal data.

Registration Information

Legal casinos have to answer to state and federal authorities for the legality of the persons they're allowing to play. Most importantly, players must be 1) 21 or older and 2) be located within the boundaries of the state while betting. In order to satisfy the first requirement, casinos need to know who you are. To address the last, they have to know where you are while you're playing. 

Proof of Identification

Minimally, online casinos will ask for:

  • Your name (first and last)
  • Physical address
  • Email address (usually, to send your confirmation message and, if you opt-in, promotional material)
  • Usually, the last 4 digits of your Social Security number (for identification purposes)

Legal casinos have to be able to answer for every member of their casinos, and that's why this information is important for this. As there have been cases of underage individuals slipping through the cracks, some casinos ask additional materials, such as photos of the front and back of your identity card. 

For us all to enjoy online gambling, it crucial that casinos can account for the identity of every online casino member. This is good for the casino and good for all of us. 


You have to be detectable by the geolocation device the entire time you're playing. The term "geolocation" covers both GPS devices in smartphones and tablets or IP address. This lets the online casino operator know that you're within the state lines, and are therefore eligible to play.

Casinos use the same GPS technology that other apps use to give you driving directions. If you're using a laptop or desktop, your internet access has an IP (Internet Protocol) address that gives an approximate physical location for you.  

Your location has to be detectable by the casino the entire time you're playing. That means if you disappear into a tunnel, a subterranean lead-walled bunker, or underwater and lose your signal, it's game over (although if it's the last two, sounds like you have bigger problems!).  

You'll notice that you can register to join an online casino, browse the pages, and deposit or withdraw money while you're outside of the state. You just can't place wagers if your device indicates that you aren't within state lines.

Online Casinos and Apps

If you're not in a physical casino and you're playing online, you'll be accessing it through one or two platforms: a website or app. A platform is just the means you use to access the online casino. 

Casino Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets

It might surprise you to hear that most of the traffic for online casinos comes via mobile phones, so more than laptops and even more than tablets (like iPads). But if you look around at how often people are using their mobile devices, it might not come as such a shock.

When you access an online casino via your mobile or tablet, you can use either an app or a website. Generally, but not always, it's preferable to use an app. Apps are optimized for use with your smartphone: they know the screen size, download the things they need to run faster and bug-free, and the games offered there work well with smartphones. But that means that not all games that a casino offers on its website may be on the app. 

So while apps for mobile phones are stripped-down versions of the website and may not offer all the games, they are a lot easier to whip out while in line at the airport to play some slots. Still, you can access games on the website instead of apps on a smartphone or tablet by using your browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Mozilla, etc.). 

Casino Websites

Less popular but still much loved is the website platform, usually accessed by laptop or desktop, though you can use your phone or tablet as well. You can have access to all the games offered by the online casino there, and generally, it's a bit easier to browse since there are more search functions.

Some players like to set up their castles, so to speak, when they play. They like to have their chair, their table, their drink, and their computer in front of them. There is definitely something to be said about setting up your atmosphere that lets you concentrate best and play your best game.

Security Measures for Online Casinos in NJ

It is in everyone's interest - yours, the casino's, and the state's - that online gambling is secure. Many security measures are taken to be sure that your data is protected and your money remains safe. Let's see how casinos are keeping your money safe, and what you can do to be sure you're protecting yourself.

Data Security 

Your financial and personal information is as safe on legal online casinos as it would be with any major bank or marketplace, such as Amazon. As you probably know, the case for online gambling received a lot of federal and state inspection before being passed. The good news for you as the consumer is that this includes a number of safety measures that only increase your security against any breach or leak.

Financial Details

You don't have to enter any credit card or bank information when you first register for your account with most legal casinos. Most casinos know that customers are slow to commit and share their financial details, so they generally don't ask for that upfront. If you're signing up for a no deposit bonus or free spins offer, they should only need your financial information if you 1) want to withdraw winnings or 2) want to make further wagers.

Casinos are hoping that you'll stick around. If you do, they'll need some way to get money from you and to you. But that can happen without credit cards or bank account information. Many players handle all their financial transactions at the physical cage even for online betting, or make their payments via cash deposits at 7-11 PayNearMe and receive payments via check, PayPal, or the cage. 


Legal online casinos all use state of the art encryption to avoid any leak or breach. It is in their interest as well as yours for them to provide the utmost security for your personal data and finances.

The money you deposit into your account is their money, at least until you withdraw it. Casinos are going to protect their money and reputation, and advanced, constantly updated encryption is the key. 

Data is doubly encrypted. First, it is encrypted when you input it (for example, your email address and, if you provide it, credit card information). It is then also encrypted when it is stored on their system. Legal online casinos are using the same technology as banks, so you can be as secure as possible regarding your deposit.

Why You Can Trust Legal Casinos

Legal casinos are legitimate business establishments. New Jersey-based casinos like the Borgata, Tropicana, and Golden Nugget place just as much concern in their online casinos as they do in their brick and mortar casinos. As we've seen, there are strict guidelines for the identity of customers and a series of safeguards for security for your financial data and account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to play online casinos using public WiFi?

It is "rather" safe to play online casino games using public WiFi. Data for websites using an https (the S stands for secure) involve heavy encryption to keep prowlers out of your business. 

In general, the safest bet is to use a mobile app with your data network. Games you've already played will have downloaded the data you need for that game, so playing through an app doesn't use much data and doesn't run the same risks as using a public WiFi network.

Public WiFi servers are also notoriously unreliable. Nothing's worse than having a big win that then disappears due to a lost connection. 

Do online casinos need my Social Security Number for registration?

Online casinos often ask for the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number to confirm your identity when you sign up. The information is encrypted and stored safely, and not shared with other entities. 

If you do not want to share this information, it's best to call the casino or register in person at their physical cage.