Learn to make money from Free Spins.

Earn Real Money from Free Spins

Free spins, no deposit, no downloading, and no registration...sound too good to be true? Online slots games are making it easy for those who are curious but a bit shy to give many details about themselves, much less plop down some money. As you might expect, some of these deals are better than others. We're going to tell you what to look for, and what to look out for, so you can earn real money without spending any.

We also have some surprising advice. If you want the best offers for free spins, stop looking for free spins. Why in the world would we say that? Find out below. 

Free Spins, Bonus Codes, and No Deposit Offers

If you're first getting into slots, or even if you're an experienced player and are looking into new games or online casinos, you are wise to want to taste before you buy. And if you've been poking around at all, you've probably seen plenty of offers for free spins and bonus codes for no deposit offers. Can you really get something for nothing? How does this all work?

There are three important terms to get clear on:

Free Spins

Free spins are just that. A casino may offer you a number of free spins so you can try the games out to see how you like the layout, the paylines (i.e, the lineup of slots that win), and, in short, to see whether you think it's a winner for you. Free means free; you don't pay a penny for free spins. Some casinos may also award free spins when you pay for spins, but in terms of initial free spins offers, you do not need to pay to receive these.

Additionally, some casinos may offer a daily free spin at a large jackpot. This costs you nothing and can pay off big in real mone!

No Deposit Offers

The best scenario for someone who's just wanting sample online slots is having a free spin promotion complemented by a no deposit offer. This means that you don't have to put any money down to play. Other times you may receive free spins as a reward for, or in proportion to, your deposit. This can also be a very good deal.

Bonus Codes

Often in order to take advantage of an offer, you'll need to enter a bonus code. You can think of this being like a key code or combination: enter the code unlock the door to the goodies.

Pro tip 1: Always search for a bonus code before you join a new online casino! Casinos are always offering promotions to attract new customers, and they'll greet you with special offers such as free spins, no deposit offers, and matching your initial deposit. 

Pro tip 2: Save yourself a headache: be sure to cut and paste the bonus code in. Sometimes they're case sensitive, so it's best just to paste in the code.

Combination Offers: Free Spins With No Deposit Bonus

You may see free spins being offered with no deposit bonuses. This means you don't need to put any money down and you may play, and potentially win, with free spins.

But there's something else important here, and that is that sometimes no deposit deals can be the same as free spins, or better. Why? No deposit deals might give you between $10-$30 free to play with. If you win and want to keep your earnings, you'll need to meet a wage requirement. But the good news is that this wage requirement can be quite low, as low as 1x in fact.

Additionally, with no deposit deals, you can get more than 50 spins, depending on how much you wager. 

This can let you keep the winning off $60 for betting just $30, which is a great deal. These bonus dollar almost always count 100% toward slots games, whereas they're only 10-50% toward other games. So while they don't call these free spins, you should treat this no deposit cash as free spins.

Winning Real Money with Free Spins

Some online casinos offer you free spins and an opportunity to put some money in your account if you win, but withdrawing that money usually requires that one play through some amount of money. Here, and for all bonus offers, it's important to check your terms and conditions (T&C).

In the case of free spins, casinos may require that you bet a certain amount before you can withdraw your money. That number can vary a lot, so it's definitely worth checking those T&C carefully.

Or, just look at our recommendations below. We've found the best deals running for you!

Free Spins With No Deposit: Two Scenarios

Let's look at two casinos offering 50 free spins with no deposit. Sounds great right? Well, it is if it's requiring only a 1x wager requirement. That means you only have to wager the equivalent of your winning in order to withdraw the money. So if you have 50 free spins and you end up winning $40, you'll need to wager $40 so you can get all of your winnings (i.e., of the $40 from the free spins and anything else you may have won). In the worst case, you break even for money and gain a lot of valuable knowledge about how to play. Good deal.

In a worse case scenario, the wage requirement might be 30x. So you'd need to play $1,200 before you could withdraw your winnings. Now, if you have budgeted that you want to play $1,200 on slots, that's great. You got $40 for free, plus your winnings!

Registering and Playing Free Slots Online

Even for free online slots games that require no deposit, you'll still be asked to register to play for potential wins. (Some games offer demos or test playing without registering, but you're not entitled to keep any winnings from demo games.) 

You might also be asked to download a package so you can play a free online slots game. Is it necessary to download? Usually not. Find out why below. 

No Download Free Online Slots Games

Some slots games require you to download a small program to make their game easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Other games don't require any download, but if you're going to be able to see those complex, shifting graphics on the screen, like you have in any slots game, they'll use something called Flash player (by Adobe). You can still access the full game, including bonus rounds, without downloading anything. 

It is important that you have the latest vesion of Flash player installed for many games. If you don't, you'll be prompted to update your Flash player.

Most online slots games have no download and just use Flash. This is another reason to play free online slots on legal casinos: the websites and apps are secure and you won't download harmful packages. 

But why do I have to register for free online slots?

Even if you don't have to put any money down to receive your free spins to play online slots, you still have to give some basic identification material. This informs the casino of your age and that the identity you're claiming is indeed yours.

If a site or app requires no registration to win, it's something to be wary of. 

To think of it from the casino's side, they are responsible for insuring that minors and those who have placed themselves on lists not to gamble are not allowed to gamble. That's the law, and casinos will face very heavy fines if they don't abide by it. So any reputable casino is going to be sure that their clients are legally entitled to gamble. 

Best New Jersey Free Spins Bonus Offers

Now that you now the ins-and-outs about free spin bonus offers, which should you sign up for? Here are some of our favorite offers. As promised, we've done the homework for you and have hunted down the best deals out there. These all have 1x wager requirements, which is as good as it gets. Get between $10-$20 worth of free spins!

Sugarhouse is offering up to $20 in no deposit bonus cash! Spin the wheel to win up to $20 to treat like free spins toward slots. 

$ 250 bonus.

Harrahs is offering $10 free which you can contribute toward slots. This has a 1x wager requirement. Bet those free $10: no wins, no worries. If you make some money, you'll bet $10 more to get your winnings, plus anything else you get along the way. Hurrah for Harrahs!

$ 10 signup bonus + $ 300 no wagering bonus.

Betfair is currently offering the same offer. $10 with no deposit toward slots. 

$ 10 signup bonus + $ 2,500 bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you win real money on free spins?

Yes, you can win real money on free spins. You'll need to satisfy the wager requirement to withdraw the cash. Read our sections "What are Free Spins, No Deposit Offers, and Bonus Codes?" above "Winning Real Money with Free Spins" so you know what to look for. Then find our top recommendations under "Best New Jersey Free Spins Bonus Offers."