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Online Gambling Tips

We have compiled endless tips for online gambling in an NJ online casino! Our interesting gambling articles are written by our gambling experts. Let us help you maximize your winnings when playing online casino games such as slots, baccarat, blackjack and video poker. Make the smartest bets and bring home the biggest wins. Check out our reviews of your favorite online casinos and find out winning strategies for your favorite online casino games. Use our online gambling tips to play smart and increase your winning odds. 

Basics of Online Gambling

With our guides, you can easily learn the basics of all the popular online casino games such as slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and video poker. Each online casino game has its own rules and RTP percentages while different casinos have different mathematical advantages over the players. Learn about the RTP percentages before depositing money into an online casino game. Discover what these mathematical advantages are for each online casino while learning the best strategies for maximizing your winnings. 

Use our guides to find strategies, tips, and reviews on all different facets of online gambling and to help you become a smarter online casino player. 

How to Gamble Smart

Beginning your online gambling career takes plenty of knowledge, self-awareness, and important decision making. Once you learn the basics of online gambling, it is important to learn how to gamble smart so that you can earn and retain your winnings. It can be very fun to play online casino games and make money fast, but it is important to understand how fast it can be lost. Learn how to gamble smart and prevent poor decision making. 

Do Your Research

It’s always a good idea to do your research before you decide on a casino to sign up with. Joining an online casino can be a real enjoyment or it can be a frustrating mistake. Before depositing your money to an online casino, you want to make sure it is a reputable site and can be trusted with your money. You will also want to be sure that the site has the casino games you want to play and that the site’s software will be compatible with your devices. Check which sites have the fastest payouts and the highest recommendations. Don’t let all of this overwhelm you, however. Our experts have comprehensive online casino reviews so you don’t have to waste your time researching. Have a look at our online casino profiles and register with a site today!

Control Your Emotions

Knowing how to gauge your own emotions is one way to gamble smart. People will often make different decisions depending on their moods, therefore it is important to be aware of the mood you are in when you are making gambling decisions. It is always good to have a bit of anxiety, as anxiety tends to help people make smarter choices.

Watch Your Drinking

However, drinking does not help make smarter choices. Drinking while gambling is a very common way of losing your money. When players are intoxicated, they are more likely to act on a whim and make irrational choices. The situation is quite similar when players are tired. Gambling when you are tired can have the same effect as gambling when intoxicated. 

Expect to Lose Sometimes

A common mistake gamblers often make is chasing their losses. When playing online casino games, you have to expect to lose sometimes. This is normal and statistically unavoidable. Many people chase their losses when this happens, betting larger and placing higher risk wagers. This only works against you, leading to even more losses.

Casino Bonus Codes

It is always helpful to gamble with free money. That way, you can practice online casino games without running the risk of losing your own money. Online casinos love to offer casino bonus codes to their sites in order to draw in new players. These bonuses come in a number of different shapes and sizes. 

There are sign-up and welcome bonuses for players who have joined an online casino. Then there are no-deposit bonuses and free bonuses which allow players to play for free and win real money without depositing their own. When you are ready to make a deposit, you can find deposit match bonuses which give you even more money to play with for free. Players who have spent a significant amount of time and money at an online casino usually receive loyalty bonuses as rewards. 

However, it is always a good idea to read the terms and conditions attached to these bonuses. Many bonuses come with certain playthrough requirements before you can actually withdraw your winnings. Have a look at our casino reviews to find the latest casino bonuses and get started on your free play!

Casino Tips for Online Casino Games

Enhance your experience when you gamble online by using our gambling tips and reading our online casino reviews.

Let us help you discover which casino games offer the lowest house edge. Different online casino games each offer a different house edge. This refers to the mathematical advantage which the game has over you. The house edge is the percentage of your losses and the casino’s gains. Therefore, online casino games with a smaller house edge are more likely to earn you winnings. 

Learning game strategies for the online casino games you choose to play is a great way to increase your winning odds. Although there is a large element of luck involved in gambling, game strategies can still help a great deal. Here at, we have a multitude of articles on casino games strategies just for you!

Video Poker Strategy

Check out our video poker guides that will teach you how to play and how to win! Video poker is a complicated online casino game and can bring a lot of excitement and winnings. However, if you dive in without knowing the basics and the strategies, it can bring a lot of disappointment. Visit our video poker pages and learn the basics while developing your own video poker strategy. Once you have spent some time with our online poker guides, you will start feeling more confident in the online poker room, enhancing your all-around video poker experience. 

How to Win at Slots

If it’s slots you want to try your luck on, then try visiting our online slots pages. You will find descriptions of how they work, ways to increase your chances of winning, common myths and frequently asked questions about slots. If you are skeptical about slot machine’s payback percentages, just read our guides and explanations. Learn the best tips for winning at slot machines right here at

Most online slots games fall into one of two categories:

  • Paylines - This is the most popular by far. Symbols must fall on a payline, which is a pattern the results in a win. 
  • 243 Ways to Win - in this variation, you have 243  combinations that could result in a winning spin. When matching symbols appear on adjacent reels, you win, regardless of the reel positions.

243 Ways to Win usually give wins more often; however, the paylines usually pay more per win. 

Blackjack Strategy

There are many different opinions on how to win at blackjack, but there is no arguing with statistics. We have the most informative articles about playing blackjack - from information on the blackjack basics to how to walk away as a winner. Read Our guides and learn the best tips for being a long-term winner in this exciting online casino game. 

Our blackjack strategy guides also include the information to take you into advanced playing, including advice on:

  • when to split
  • when to double down depending on dealer's cards
  • when to surrender

If blackjack is your game, we've got you covered!

How to Play Craps Online

Learn how to play craps online and develop your craps strategy by reading our guides on how to play craps. Become informed on craps odds and the various bets that should be made when playing and the bets that should be avoided. Check out our experts' tips on the game of craps and start playing today! has articles on how to play just about every online casino game. Here you can learn about the games and develop your strategies before playing in a real money online casino. Our experts develop guides for online roulette, baccarat, blackjack, craps, and many more online casino games in New Jersey. This is your one-stop shop to online casino games, casino tips, and online gambling strategies. 

Roulette Strategy

Perhaps more than any other table game you'll find in a casino, roulette is a game of luck. But that doesn't mean there's no strategy involved. While you can't control where the ball stops, you can certainly bet smart. Our roulette strategy guide helps you manage your bankroll while waiting for that big win.

We'll help you navigate that complicated board. Our roulette guide helps you develop a long-game strategy and, importantly, avoid some dumb bets!

Baccarat Rules

We think you'll fall in love with it once you understand baccarat rules. Our baccarat guide shows you all the basics and also gives you the strategies to play your best game.

While baccarat shares some characteristics of blackjack, the strategies between the two are not the same. Our baccarat guide tells you the history of the game, explores its variations, and teaches you the best baccarat strategy. 

Live Casino Games Online

Want that live casino feel, but can't be bothered to get out of your sweatpants? Online live casino games give you the best of both worlds. You have a live dealer, real cards, dice, and wheels, and you can even interact with the dealer. 

See our live casino guide for an overview and strategy to games, including:

  • live poker
  • live baccarat
  • live blackjack
  • live roulette
  • live craps

One of the best things about online live casino games is that you can always play the game you want. What's more, the important information about your table is very easy to see. Read our guide to see why we're huge fans of online live casino games.

Gamble Online at Your Favorite NJ Casino

Once you feel confident enough to make a deposit and start playing, how do you decide which online casino to rely on? Generally, this takes a lot of time and research in order to narrow your choices down to the very best option. Fortunately, we have already done the work for you. Now, all you have to do is read our NJ online casino reviews to see which one has all of the elements needed to make your casino experience the absolute best for you! 

There are many elements involved when narrowing down your choices of NJ online casinos. You will want an online casino in New Jersey that offers the types of casino games that you like to play. If you are going to gamble online, make sure your favorite options are available. Also, you will want to make sure that the respective online casino’s software is compatible with your devices. Should you decide to play on a mobile platform, you will want the site to work efficiently. Finally, there are many online casino bonuses and special offers on the market today, each catering to different types of players. Find some online casino bonuses that are most suitable for you and start playing with free money!

Gamble Online With PayPal and Other Simple Banking Methods

Finally, how does one make a deposit and start playing? This is becoming more and more simple. With more and more online casinos now launching in New Jersey, safe payment methods are becoming more diverse. 

PayPal is one of the easiest and most trusted methods of payments. Players can deposit money and withdraw winnings from an online casino or online sportsbook through their PayPal accounts. There are numerous ways to fund a PayPal account such as bank transfers, user-to-user transfers, credit and debit cards, etc. The only particular restriction with PayPal is that players are not allowed to fund gambling accounts through a business or premier PayPal account. Transfers must be made using personal PayPal accounts. 

Other forms of deposit and withdrawal methods at online casinos include:

  • Instant e-check
  • Cashier Cage
  • Online banking transfer
  • Prepaid cards
  • credit/debit cards
  • E-wallets such as Neteller or Skrill
  • Bank wire transfers
  • Paper checks

With the increasing popularity of online gambling in New Jersey, the list of safe and convenient banking methods is steadily becoming more diversified. Players can easily register a player account with a legal online casino or sportsbook and gamble online with PayPal. 

Legal Gambling Age

Online gambling in the United States has always been a very confusing issue. This is because the laws vary from state to state. Gambling laws also differ from online gambling to gambling at a land-based facility. Different forms of gambling have different legal restrictions as well. In the US, the legal gambling age for playing online casino games or playing in a land-based casino is 21 years, however, the legal age for playing lottery games is 18.